Masud Hasnain

Arabic - English - Urdu: Translator & Interpreter

Helping People Communicate

20978 Glenburn Terrace, Ashburn, VA 20147 Tel: 703-858-3705

Located in the state of Virginia, Masud Hasnain is a diversified professional with over 10 years experience in translation and interpretation with the US federal government. My particular skills include: Interpretation and Translation, Web technologies with backend database integration, Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Technical training. My experience includes interfacing with multiple cultures in the United States with cultures of Middle East and South Asian countries. I am a highly effective professional with goal-oriented leadership style focused on teamwork, creativity, empowerment and strengths in:


Arabic Language

Urdu Language

Urdu and Arabic Typing

Technical Training

Subtitling: Arabic/Urdu/English

Media Analyst: Video - Film - Audio



Adobe Audition CS5

Dreamweaver CS5

Photoshop CS5


MySQL Database

Quality Assurance/Control

Professional Presentation Skills

MS Windows/Unix/Linux




Translated classified data for several US Federal Agencies, under Top Secret clearance.

Interpreted and translated for the US army training the Iraqi volunteers who joined the Free Iraqi Forces (FIF) that led to the Operation Free Iraq.

Maintained and managed all translated training material for the army and ensured on time delivery.

Participated in the training of Civil Military Operations (CMO).

Effectively trained the United States Military Training Mission staff in Saudi Arabia on the use of different software applications resulting in increased staff efficiency and reduced report generation time from one month to less than one week.

Developed a database management system and trained government staff on its use, which improved operating efficiencies by having needed information available online.

Maintained accurate and current training records; compiled and analyzed training evaluation data resulting in increased efficiency of training and accounting records.

Created technical documentation and designed technical training courses resulting in a better understanding of class material.

Created customized curriculum for specific needs, developed training materials and delivered training for various companies and industries.

Developed and implemented a training manual to help new staff with no prior Unix experience become proficient in a very short time frame.

Classroom Training

Increased student enrollment by more than 50% at a banking institute by developing the entire computer science curriculum.

Created and managed short-term courses for full-time employees of the local banks, which fostered a better relationship between the Institute and the banks.

Ensured the Institute had the most up-to-date training curriculum by evaluating and implementing the latest software packages for future courses.

Conducted Computer Aptitude tests for a variety of local and international diploma courses to ensure the Oman Institute of Bankers accepted only the most qualified students.

Created manuals and classroom materials providing students the latest technology in clear and understandable language.

Created subjective and objective exams and tests, evaluated them, and published the results.

Obtained feedback on course effectiveness.  Recommended and made modifications as needed, which kept the Institute in line with the needs and recommendations of customers.

Trained instructors on revised/new course content to increase their knowledge and effectiveness.

Supported student registration system and processes including student confirmations.


American Translators Association

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

National Capital Area Translators Association

Toastmasters Club