Masud Hasnain

Arabic - English - Urdu: Translator & Interpreter

Helping People Communicate

I am an Arabic/English/Urdu translator and interpreter. I have been translating and interpreting since 9/11 tragic incidents. That is more than ten years of continous work in the field of translation and interpretatoin. The quality of my work has been proven repeatedly with diverse government and private organizations.

I work as an independent contractor under 1099 basis on short term assignments. I have experience in addressing large groups of people, conducting seminars, discussions, and general assemblies of social/religious communities as well as students in multiple languages.

I have extensive experience in translating classified data for several US federal agencies, under secret and top secret clearance. I regularly interpret for US government officials and private company executives.

In audio visual areas, I have done several transcriptions. I also do subtitling in Arabic, Urdu and English for classified movie clips

Please visit the links on this page to find out more about me. You can always contact me for further information.